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The Jung Lab

Lab of Cancer Immunology and In Vivo Imaging


Our goal is to better understand the immune microenvironment in cancers utilizing advanced methodologies including in vivo imaging and single-cell genomics.

In particular, we aim to unveil the immense potential of myeloid populations in cancers. Real-time intravital multi-photon microscopy provides insight into dynamic cell migration and intercellular communication. We reveal the heterogeneity of myeloid cells through single-cell RNA sequencing in both pre-clinical and clinical specimens. This approach will provide novel avenues for immunotherapy of cancers by means of identifying promising targets in tumor immunity. 

Movie: Non-classical monocytes (green) flow through blood vessels as they infiltrate tumors (Keehoon Jung et al., JCI, 2017)



The Jung Laboratory seeks to discover the pivotal role of the immune system in the tumor microenvironment through intravital microscopy and single-cell genomics.



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